Digital Services

The Gainesville Sun is a full-service, multi-platform company offering a wide array of digital services to help your business succeed. Our services are designed to create and then meet the goals of online marketing strategy. In addition to website development, our team will also implement tactics from a palate of tools that help maximize effective exposure of your message. Our digital services are sure to get you more leads, boost your reputation and increase sales.


Banner Advertising

Banner ads link to your website, and we offer you the ability to target your ads in a variety of ways on our family of websites, on Yahoo!, and on national news sites to get unmatched reach.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO allows you to be found when people search for your products and services, using search engines like Google. We help you to enhance your website so it ranks higher in the organic results of search engines.

Pay Per Click

Since SEO takes time, we offer ad space on the front page of search engine results pages. Businesses bid for placement and key words, then pay based on the number of times their link has been clicked.


Reputation Management

Know what customers are saying about you on sites like Yelp and Facebook where your business may be discussed, and respond.


Directory Sync

Make sure your business is found and correct on all major search engines and maps sections.

Email Acquisition

Acquisition email is the process of sending targeted email messages to a predetermined audience determined by the user’s location, shopping behaviors and demographics. Think of email acquisition as Digital Direct Mail.


Mobile Website Creation

Create a mobile version of your existing website to offer consumers who prefer using mobile devices quick access to the most important information about your business.


Website Development

From site development to site redesign, our professionals will enhance your web presence.



Increase digital engagement and improve sales when you take your television commercial and run it as a video advertisement on our websites, or let us create one for you.


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